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"...For many are called but few are chosen" (Matt 20:16). Down through the ages this familar passage of scripture has been tapered to the names and titles of men and women of God great and small---familiar and unknown. Bishop Joseph Bernard Lee Sr, proudly walks among those chosen few diligently and passionately doing the work of God with the staff of faith in one hand, the sword of righteousness in the other---- wisdom and knowledge on his brow.

Education is an integral part of his vision not only for himself, also for God's people. He believes that leading by example is key to motivating people to advance. After  high school, Bishop J B Lee, graduated from Florida Center for Theological Studies. He continued to pursue his education at University of Trinity where he completed studies in Biblical and Basic Life Awareness studies.

Bishop J B Lee, encourages education and is inspired to teach faith and salvation in this present generation. He acknowledges that people are more Educated, Sophisticated, and scientific, yet he emphasizes the need for "Sprituality". Divine Intervention; being the pinnacle in fulfilling purpose and success. This anointed man has empowered change in the lives of many people.


A country boy at heart Bishop Joseph Lee is a spirit-led visionary with a heart for the people (particularly the young), a keen focus on their well being, and most importantly their souls.  His life is of true Holiness and Salvation founded on strong fundamental Biblical principles derived from and immersed in the living Word of God.  He also believes faith and salvation are essential in fulfilling and ensuring one’s purpose and ultimately leading to success in this life.

            Bishop Lee promotes and encourages the need for education in today’s society. A scholar himself Pastor Joseph Lee completed Bible Studies as instructed by John M. Hart Bible School in 1997. He is a graduate of South Florida Center for Theological Studies.  He completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. His educational endeavors were not just for his own edification but have become testimonials to his belief that people are and can be both educated and scientific—that education is not only a key element in surviving in today’s modern, fast-paced society: IT IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

             Ministerial accolades aside Bishop Lee is an accomplished vocalist (the man can sang) and musician favoring such instruments as the piano, organ, drums, and guitar. Also when time and opportunity allow he will take in a little recreational Game Hunting.

            The life of Bishop Lee would not be complete without the acknowledgement of his beautiful wife and longtime partner in the Gospel, Co-Pastor Martha Lee—a true Titus 2 woman.  Through their union 5 boys were conceived: Joseph, Keith, Ricky, Torrell and Morrell. Some call him Bishop some call him teacher, only one can call him husband, and many call him father. No matter the title he bears Bishop Joseph Lee Sr. is truly an anointed man of God fighting on the battle field every day. He is indeed a living testimony to all who know and love him.  
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